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      5. Reference
          5.13. Options
              5.13.2. Document options Copy resources  
Sub menuOptions (general)

This options control whether resources (images and local documents) are copied or not when the web site is built.

This choice can be separately made for images and local documents.

Default behavior : images and documents are copied into the wit-icons and docs subfolders of the target folder. All the web site files are stored into the target folder and its subfolders so that the web site is portable and does not depend on any other files.

Alternate behavior : images and documents files are not copied, and absolutes links are used to refer to them. This implies that the generated web site should not be moved on another computer unless the resources files are seen the same way (either in a network shared folder or in a copy of the resource tree folders). So web site co-workers can modify them without rebuilding the whole site (useful in collaborative groups).


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Start date2009/02/08
Due date2009/02/08
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