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      5. Reference
          5.13. Options
              5.13.4. Advanced WIT options WIT temporary and preview folder 

The folder where WIT now places its help, temporary and preview files is now in the AppData/Roaming directory of your profile (instead of My Documents), and is named "WIT".

However, and as incredible as it seems, Windows 7 pathnames are still limited to 260 characters (an inheritance of older Windows), and the File Explorer won't manage the files whose full pathname exceeds this limitation (you'll be denied renaming or opening your files).

From the WIT point of view, this may result in failures to copy the preview files in the c:\Users\your_profile\AppData\Roaming\WIT folder, for instance, when you have inserted images and documents with long names and deeply embedded in numerous folder structures.

So you may change this place for a place with a shorter name such as C:\WIT, and restart WIT.

If you do so, WIT will reinitialise its help files and prepare the necessary sub folders and files.

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