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      5. Reference
          5.12. Web sites
 5.12.2. Automatic Web site generation 

This function generates all the HTML pages, links and image resources belonging to the Web site.

A dialog box is displayed (figure 4.1). The web site is generated in a free target directory (it should either better be initially empty, or contain results of the previous creation : files are overwritten).

Target directory contains :

 a text sub directory in which generated pages are stored,
 a wit-icons sub directory in which all images used by generated pages are stored,
 a docs sub directory in which all local documents referred to by generated pages are stored,
 the frame and home pages, and the collection of all external resources stored in the source "extra" directory (a copy of this extra directory is also made). 

If WIT is in expert mode, the structure and style templates which control the Web site construction can be adjusted.

Finally, the "Export" button starts the site construction (display of creation steps with progress bars), and then launches the default web browser, on the just created site home page.

If images or resources to which the current document refers are deleted or moved, non fatal errors will be signalled at site construction time : files not found, and then not copied in the target directory.

If resources with same names but coming from different directories are used, this will cause name conflicts. Use the resource report to easily solve these conflicts.

An error dialog box will be opened with all missing file names : double click on errors to open involved idea properties and make corrections.
Fig 4.1 : Build Web site(export)
Fig 4.1 : Build Web site(export)