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      5. Reference
          5.13. Options
              5.13.2. Document options
         Custom fields options Move Custom fields and their contents  

This dialog helps to reorganize the custom fields by moving or copying them and their contents, for all the ideas of your document.

  1. Select the source field to copy or move
  2. Select the target field
    • copy source field to the target field
    • move source field to the target field
    • erase source values (target field is ignored)
    • swap source and destination fields contents
  3. Select an operation to perform:
    • append source values to target values (a ; is inserted)
    • replace existing values in the target field by source field values.
  4. Select a mode (for copy and move actions):

This operation is undoable, but use it with care, especially if you intend to copy ideas in other documents : their custom fields structure should be compatible.

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