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      5. Reference
          5.13. Options
              5.13.2. Document options Work directory 

Each WIT document uses a work directory (by default equal to the project directory).

When creating the documents in a sudirectory of the work directory (for example MyDocument), or when referencing images or other files located in sub directories of work directory, pathnames are changed into a relative portable form : _WORKDIR _\MyDocument, in order to make them and their internal references independent of their physical location.

You can subsequently move all the work directory without modifying the references to the documents it contains (relative references are kept). You just have to tell WIT where the new work directory is located.

Seemingly, WIT has internal and extensible resources to build structure templates and skeletons of generated web sites. This resources are located in the \Data sub directory of WIT installation directory (example : C:\Program Files\WIT\Data). This special directory is named _DATADIR _ and is not customizable (it depends on installation only).

Important note : when referenced images and files are located in your current WIT document folder or subfolders, pure relative paths are used (without the _WORKDIR _ prefix). This means that your WIT source environment (WIT document, referenced images and files) is fully portable on another computer when all the information is located in the WIT document folder and sub folders.

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