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      5. Reference
          5.6. Import / Export
 5.6.6. Import folders  

This function imports folders and their contents, creating ideas with text, images and documents.

The folder import dialog is made of three parts, describing the files suffixes to consider (not mentionned file types are ignored) : 

  1. File types to import as ideas : WIT renders these files as ideas which text is the file contents.
  2. File types to import as images: WIT adds references to theses files in the current idea list of images (the images will be shown in the idea).
  3. File types to import as documents : WIT adds references to theses files in the current idea list of local documents.

You can save and restore the import folder parameters, with *.fif files (folder import format).

The "Include sub folders" option recursively adds current folder sub folders.

The "Add slide show" option adds a slide show in the current idea to display all the images that are collected from imported folders.

The "Make image album" option change the import behavior for imported images : WIT creates an idea for each image (wherever the image file suffix is specified), and creates thumbnails of images in every folder containing images.

Use these options to recursively create image albums.

WIT creates at least as many ideas (nodes) as encountered folders.

Import folders
Import folders
Start date2006/11/11
Due date2006/11/04
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