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      5. Reference
          5.5. Ideas
              5.5.2. Idea organization Merge child ideas 

Interest of this feature: when importing mind maps with numerous branches it helps to group what is too much detailed ; it also transform too much detailed outlines into more synthetic ones, without loosing information since details are transferred to idea text.

This function operates on the current selected idea, by gathering the contents of child ideas and adding to its own contents:

  • The child idea titles, using subtitles <h1>, <h2>, etc… jto <h10> , then <hx> after the level 10 are added into the parent text (and title numbering is made relative to the parent idea),
  • The texts of child idea are copied,
  • Linked images and documents are concatenated
  • Keywords are concatenated
  • Custom fields and tasks are concatenated (when configured for multiple values only).

Associations with other ideas are ignored.

This behavior is recursive.

Child ideas are destroyed once the information is gathered.

This function can be undone.


Start date2011/01/15
Due date2011/01/15
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Effective end date2011/01/15