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      5. Reference
          5.13. Options
              5.13.2. Document options Task fields options 

In addition to predefined fields such as title, text, keywords or associations which characterize an idea, WIT offers 11 more fields allowing task management.

The figure below  shows an example, where some fields have been activated (check boxes), and made eligible for the faceted index.

Right checkboxes show whether each task field contribute or not to the faceted index. The index is controlled by the structure template ('Navigation' tab).

These choices are linked to the current document and are reflected in the different dialog boxes which help to manipulate ideas, search, or establish structure and style templates.

Note 1 :

  • The names shown with colored background are not idea task fields, but progress criteria that WIT evaluates dynamically at website build time.
  • If faceted classification is enabled for these criteria, WIT adds the lists of matching ideas to the faceted index.

Note 2 (professional edition) :

  • WIT can also add a synthetic task progress widget (professional license) to summarize progress status and link quickly to the faceted index.
  • WIT can also add two synthetic widgets for creation and revision dates (édition professional license) to display a summary and count for creation or revision dates, as well as links to the faceted index.
  • If the "Multiple value" option is checked for a given field, multiple values (separated by a ; delimiter) will be accepted.
  • If the "Facets" option is also checked, each value will also be linked to a separate entry in the faceted index.
Enabling task fields
Enabling task fields
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