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V5 (46)
V5.01 (21)
V5.10 (15)
V5.20 (32)
V5.30 (16)
V5.31 (1)
V5.32 (4)
V5.33 (16)
V5.34 (7)
V5.35 (2)
V5.40 (27)
V5.41 (7)
V5.42 (4)
V5.43 (6)
V5.50 (1)
V5.60 (1)
V5.61 (2)
V5.70 (9)
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      3. License
 3.5. Registration benefits 

When registering :

 you may upgrade WIT for free for ALL subsequent update revisions,
 you get priority support over other users
 there are no more shareware reminder screens,
 the message "WIT evaluation version" on generated Web pages is removed,
 number of generated Web site pages is unlimited after evaluation period,
 and last but not least, you make possible and support shareware development.

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