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      5. Reference
          5.11. Style templates
              5.11.3. Modify current style template (expert mode)
         List of style classes
             Style class : Body (document body)
                 Style class : Container
                              Style class : TablePanes
                                  Style class : RowPanes
                                      Style class : PageMiddlePane
                                          Style class : Idea (idea)
 Style class : ImageGroup (images group) 

ImageGroup style class controls the style of group of all images associated to an idea.

Each image and its caption (legend) belong to a sub group linked to the ImageSubgroup sub class.

This sub class is divided in two parts : associated caption (ImageText style class), and the image itself (Image style class).

Finally, the "div.Image img" class controls geometric constraints off all images associated to ideas (except the bullets and rulers).

For example, to force image width to 200 pixels, you have to type : width=200; and the height is computed by the browser.

To force both width and height, type : width=200; height=150; (for example).

Note : this options helps to normalize images size, but has no effect on their originating files.

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Keywords :  CSS style class ; Images