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      5. Reference
          5.11. Style templates
 5.11.1. Load a style template 

This function loads a new template from a file (*.csm suffix) and replaces the current template, after confirmation.

There are two access ways :

 from the menu "Templates/Style/load...",
 from the left side toolbar, in the "Style Templates" tab, by directly clicking on a template.

The menu lets loading a template whatever its hard disk location. The "Style Templates" tab in the left side toolbar only presents predefined templates that are stored in the special "Data/Templates/Style " directory (sub directory of WIT installation directory).

Note : in the "Operations" tab of left side toolbar, a click on "Modify page style" activates the "Style Templates" tab, in normal mode. In expert mode, the same click opens the structure editing dialog box.

Note 2 : The name of the template is displayed in the dialog title. A "*" is appended when any of its options is changed.

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