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      5. Reference
          5.11. Style templates
              5.11.3. Modify current style template (expert mode)
         Style classes and structure elements Hierarchy and inheritance principles 

Style classes may inherit properties from parent classes.

They are displayed in indented lists in the style template (figure 4.31).

First level is associated to general scope classes, such as visited and not yet visited links aspect.

Next levels (with more and more important indentations), correspond to child classes, which may be parent of even mode specialized classes, and so on. Sub classes inherit their parent properties : so the most general properties will be defined in the parent classes, and more specialized properties will be defined in the child classes.

Main level 1 style classes are :

 Ideas (Idea class),
 Navigation bar (NavBarGroup class),
 Table of contents (TocGroup class),
 Glossary (GlossaryGroup class),
 Bibliography notes (NoteGroup class),
 Bibliography (BibliographyGroup class),
 Keywords index (IndexGroup class).

Fig 4.31 : Style classes indentation (inheritage)
Fig 4.31 : Style classes indentation (inheritage)
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