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 How to insert these widgets?

      5. Reference
          5.2. User interface
 5.2.4. Tabbed view (current idea) 

The tabbed view area is laid at screen right (its size can be increased / decreased while dragging the separation border between presentation and right view with the mouse ).

It shows the text contents of the current idea selected in the treeview, according to one of these three criteria :

 Normal : the idea text only is displayed. It can be directly modified (WYSIWYG editor).

 HTML : the idea text is displayed in pure HTML format, and can be modified for a precise control. (Note : this tab is enabled in expert mode only).

 Page Preview: the whole page is displayed, as it will appear once the Web site is built.

Selecting another idea in the left tree automatically saves any modification done in the current idea text, and updates the tabbed view with the contents of the new idea.

Vue de droite (idée courante)
Vue de droite (idée courante)