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      4. Tutorials
          4.1. A quick tour to create a Web site
              4.1.8. Choose structure and style of Web site
         Tune structure options (expert mode) Site structure : using frames ? 

First choice in structure options deals with first generated site page : this page can be simple or composed if it uses frames.

Click on the "Structure template" icon in the left side toolbar.

A property sheet is displayed. Set the options as shown in figure 7, in order to use 3 frames.

 Upper frame hosts the title,
 Left frame hosts a Java applet with organizes a table of contents,
 Main frame contains the Web site pages, beginning by home page.

We use here the default home page, but you can substitute a HTML page of your choice, provided it contains a link to the first page containing the root idea (link to text/index.html).

For the impatient reader, eager to see a first result, please go to the tutorial section "Generating and testing Web site".

Figure 7 : Web site general options (frames)
Figure 7 : Web site general options (frames)
Keywords :  Frames ; Structure