Version:  2019 (5.71)
System requirements :

  Windows 10, Windows 8, 7, Windows Server 2012, 2008 and 2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and NT4.

  Any computer capable to load Windows™ successfully
Licensing :

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Contact :
Christophe Guibert

Association of Shareware Professionals 

Promaxum Seal of Quality Review, by Scott Swedorski, former Editor-in-Chief (and the founder!) of Tucows

Designed and built with WebIdeaTree

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          3.2. History of changes
 Release 4.20 (2006/01/29) 

  Graphical User Interface, and ergonomy

  • A new language is available :
    • dutch : many thanks to  Henricus Roes (KimSystems)
  • File and folder selection dialog has now the Microsoft Office 2000 style (with recent files, desktop, computer, network...  icons), and keeps the history of latest selected folders..
  • Most of GUI objects use now the Windows XP look and feel.
  • Improvements of left toolbar (icons, sort of projects, colors...).
  • Refresh of main wiew with F5 key.
  • Tooltips on most of list and combo list items, particularly when the text is too long to be displayed.
  • New dialog of progress of lengthy operations, with details of current steps (web site building, index building, keyword management...).

  WIT freeware version

  Better access to idea structure elements from the "Preview" view.

  • Help tags placed in the current idea preview page : these tags give direct access to idea structure elements, to their parameters, or to functions that control the structure template itself.
  • Mini toolbar enabling simple navigation (previously viewed page, next page, root idea), page printing, selection copy and direct clipboard paste.
  • Direct paste of information in the "Preview" view. This information is automatically placed into the most appropriate structure element of current idea.

  Enhancement of collection of information for idea content

  • Improvement of collection of information for ideas,  by automatically pasting different kinds of objects (formated texts, files, images, links...) in the most appropriate idea structure elements.

  Faceted idea classification : a new usage for custom fields

  • The 10 idea custom fields allow each idea to be added as an entry in a new index (faceted index). Each custom field acts as a classification facet.
  • A new faceted index is built with the web site (option in the structure template).
  • Direct acces to the names of custom fields from the "Custom fields" tab of idea properties dialog.

  Web site building

  • Conflicts (images or local documents with a same name but located in different folders) are automatically resolved by WIT, with no alteration of names of source resources files.
  • Idem for thumbnails.
  • 10 new WIT variables matching individual custom fields values can be used in idea text. They are substituted by the custom fields values at web site build time.

  Fixed bugs

  • Major :
    • Crash in automatic save when the WIT document was opened usng network neighborhood instead of named logical drive.
    • On some computers, installation program launched two WIT instances, and WIT crashed.
  • Minor :
    • Menus translation incomplete (error in multilingual behavior) 
    • Hardcoded "Save As" message.
    • All options of WIT document management are now saved in the WIT document instead of registry : FTP parameters, target folders for web site build.