Version:  2019 (5.71)
System requirements :

  Windows 10, Windows 8, 7, Windows Server 2012, 2008 and 2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and NT4.

  Any computer capable to load Windows™ successfully
Licensing :

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Christophe Guibert

Association of Shareware Professionals 

Promaxum Seal of Quality Review, by Scott Swedorski, former Editor-in-Chief (and the founder!) of Tucows

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 WIT, knowledge manager, website builder 
WebIdeaTree (album)
WebIdeaTree (album)

WIT is a Knowledge Manager, a Knowledge Base and Web Site Builder Software.

Welcome to WIT  :

  manage, categorize and index all your information of interest and turn it into valuable knowledge,

  capture information from various sources

  outline your ideas and brainstorm,

  create bibliographies, glossaries and faceted indexes with full vocabulary control. 

  organize your tasks, and follow their progress. 

  build and maintain 10, 100, 1000 page or more knowledge bases or web sites,

  create efficient and professional looking intranets, presentations, web sites, knowledge bases.

Drowned in the Data Deluge ?

Please read the WIT Manifesto to discover how to stand some issues of the Digital Age while taking profit of opportunities it offers.


Outline your ideas in a tree, add content (text, images or links), choose a style template, and let WIT build hundreds of pages in seconds. Really.

Increased productivity : you stay focused on what you mean, while WIT manages all technical details for you.

Fast maintenance : change or move information and let WIT rebuild the whole site in seconds (automatic page generation, indexes, tables of contents and image thumbnails, etc...). No need to maintain the generated code : it's automated. Just modify your ideas, then rebuild the Web site.

Easy and methodical Web site creation : no HTML skills are required, but expert users can control generated code and get the exact look and feel they want.

WIT creates stand alone Web sites : browse them locally, as electronic books, or upload them with FTP on Intranet or Internet servers.

Save time with WIT, and be more productive.

WIT, knowledge manager, website builder 









Use WIT to create :

  Enterprise documentation systems
  Business repositories
  Intranet sites
  Knowledge management baselines
  Marketing or technical presentations
  Hypertext helps
  Data compilations for R&D

  Electronic books
  Memoirs, Glossaries and Bibliographies
  Personal notes or diaries
  Personal Web sites
  Photo albums
  Collections, inventories
  Genealogic trees

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