Version:  2019 (5.71)
System requirements :

  Windows 10, Windows 8, 7, Windows Server 2012, 2008 and 2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and NT4.

  Any computer capable to load Windows™ successfully
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Christophe Guibert

Association of Shareware Professionals 

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          3.2. History of changes
 Release 3.00 (2003/09/21) 
  • New ! : Extended bibliography management : 40 fields, including images and multiline fields for abstracts and notes.
  • New ! : Bibliography import and export functions for CSV files and most common tagged format files.
  • New ! : New syntax aware HTML code editor, with regular expression search and replace.
  • New ! : New WIT special variables letting you place structure template idea items anywhere (professional license).
  • New ! : New WIT special variable < @subIdeas /> replaced at build time by total number of children of current idea.
  • New ! : New WIT special variables < @macro1 /> to < @macro10 /> expanded at build time by what you want (Javascripts, etc...).
  • New ! : Simple table management in the WYSIWYG HTML editor.
  • New ! : Simply create keywords while selecting text in the WYSIWYG editor.
  • New ! : You can apply current style template CSS styles to current selection while editing idea text (professional license).
  • New ! : You can copy/paste keywords between ideas (professional edition).
  • New ! : You can copy/paste optional custom fields between ideas (professional edition).
  • New ! : You can now save and reload the idea and book import/export formats.
  • New ! : You can now save and load sub parts of structure models : idea and book substructures.
  • New ! : UTF-8 file encoding added for generated pages (select UTF-8 charset).
  • New ! : Extended FAQ section in the user's manual.
  • New ! : In index, parent idea titles can also be generated after references (advanced WIT option).
  • New ! : Idea import function (from CSV file or database table) can now import multiple images and documents.
  • New ! : You can now import / export full ideas hierarchies in human readable formats (professional license).
  • New ! : Ideas and books are browsable without having to close their property dialogs.
  • New : New icon in WYSIWYG HTML editor to clean all HTML formats (professional license).
  • New : Splash screen and main view initial animation can be disabled in WIT options (registered version).
  • New : Keywords menu.
  • Major : PHP extension now available for non iso-8859-1 charsets : encoded into UTF8 file format.
  • Major : Fixed import/export of UTF8 text files import/export : ideas, books, keywords.
  • Change: Graphical User Interface. Main dialog can "remember" their size and position.
  • Change: WIT now "remembers" last used page in idea properties and structure template dialogs.
  • Change: Generated <title> tag is shorter : only contains idea title and no more idea keywords.
  • Change: When creating a new document : an immediate save as is now proposed.
  • Minor : Fixed : Font size in HTML raw editor can now be changed in the WIT Unicode release.
  • Minor : Fixed : WIT options dialog can be shown from the WYSIWYG HTML view.
  • Minor : Splash screen is now Unicode compatible (Windows XP).
  • Minor : Fixed percentage of index building progress beyond 100%
  • Minor : Fixed temporary file deletion failure when leaving WIT.