Version:  2019 (5.71)
System requirements :

  Windows 10, Windows 8, 7, Windows Server 2012, 2008 and 2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and NT4.

  Any computer capable to load Windows™ successfully
Licensing :

24.99 € (US$ 28.60) Buy now

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Unlimited upgrades for licensed users !
Contact :
Christophe Guibert

Association of Shareware Professionals 

Promaxum Seal of Quality Review, by Scott Swedorski, former Editor-in-Chief (and the founder!) of Tucows

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          3.2. History of changes
 Release 2.20 (2002/11/18) 
  • New! : Import Microsoft Internet Explorer favorites links into ideas.
  • New! : Import data from ODBC databases (professional license)
  • New! : More comprehensive interface for WIT preferences : all options at a glance.
  • New : New WIT advanced preferences.
  • New : WIT main window position and size is saved and restored when you restart WIT.
  • New : Main tool bar can be hidden/shown (Display menu), and has a contextual menu (small/big icons, hide)
  • New : You can reparent ideas (increase/decrease indentation) with Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Right arrows.
  • New : Windows XP like menus, with new hi-colors icons.
  • New : Dramatically improved display speed of huge documents (> 2000 pages).
  • Change: Template options are displayed after loading a structure or style template.
  • Change: Meta tags keywords exported in lower case letters only (better accuracy).
  • Change: Increased default size of font in the HTML raw code view (can be changed in preferences).