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 1. Standing some issues of the Digital Age 
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WhatKnowledge building
Source authorGuibert, Christophe

Do you you feel drowned in the data deluge ?

Would you like to stay focused, to keep the flow of your own thoughts under control, instead of just reacting to unsolicited, trivial or just useless things that make you waste your time and intelligence ?

Would you also like to remember useful facts or pieces of information that make sense and fit them in a bigger picture of useful knowledge that could be kept alive in the long term, including the contributions you might bring ?

Would you also like to share this knowledge only when you decide it, to use it for thoughtful and adequate decisions or actions, with hopefully a better wisdom compared to situations of simple and mindless reactions ?

In the Digital Age, abundance of data and information may be a flaw if you can’t manage them.

It’s also a chance if you are organized enough and use smart computer tools: WIT – we hope! – is just one of them.

Next : Turn information into useful knowledge and approriate actions

Standing some issues of the Digital Age