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      1. News
 1.1. Versions 5.60, 5.61 

Maintenance version


  WIT documents management

  • When creating a new WIT document, a default text can be set for root idea title and page header.

  Ideas editing

  • Idea Associations can now be named (stereotyped) and the names are shown in the generated web pages.

  Ideas Import / Export

  • Better compatibility with Freeplane XML format.
    • Freeplane named links (middle name) imported/exported to WIT associations stereotypes.
    • Exported Freeplane maps can use Freeplane map templates (no more hard coded styles).
  • More compact code for WIT XML format.

  WIT Graphical User Interface

  • Update of graphical libraries - Windows 10 enhanced compatibility.

Major bug fixes

  • Fixed a crash while editing CSS styles of custom and task fields widgets.
  • Fixed an infinite loop (WIT not responding...) while replacing text by a void string !
  • Fixed non translated text fields in the GUI.
  • Fixed wrong object counts in the indexes and faceted index widgets.
  • Fixed incorrect copy/paste of images when source web page URL begun by https://...
  • Fixed loss of "Create thumbnail images" menu entry.

Minor bug fixes

  • Update of DDSmoothMenu, which fixed an HTML submenu discrepancy in generated web pages.
  • Fixed icon inversion between selected/unselected idea on generated web pages.
  • Fixed image slide show which showed hidden images in idea options.