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      5. Reference
          5.5. Ideas
              5.5.3. Idea contents editing
         Links tab Local documents 
Sub menuProperties

A local document is any file that can be linked from your current WIT document, in one or several ideas. The link itself is called a reference.

 Each reference to a local document is made of a comment (title) and an access path to its file.

 These documents are called local because they are located on your computer (or on the accessible drives of the local network), but they remain stored outside of your current WIT document.

 When idea page is rendered, the references are displayed as hypertext links in the same order as shown in the list, and according to the current structure and style templates options. The local documents are copied into the docs subfolder of the web site target directory.

To add a reference, click on the "add" button, and, in the dialog box, type a comment and choose a document file.

You can select multiple documents : in this case, the document file name is appended to the current title.

You can also add documents directly in the idea text, in the WYSIWYG text editor, with drag & drop method.

Tip : You can also drag and drop (single or multiple) document files directly in the property dialog from the file explorer. In this case, WIT uses their file names to create their titles (captions).

You can also drag & drop document references from the idea property dialog into the main idea tree : the reference is then copied into the target idea.

To remove a reference, select the unwanted reference in the list, and click on the "remove" button. The file is not removed, just the link.

To modify the reference order in the list, select the reference to move, and use the up and down arrow buttons.

Note 1 : you can also link HTML files as local documents. These documents may contain images, which should be also be included in the web site (ie be available for WIT). In this case, the best practice is to :

  1. create a sub directory with the reserved name extra in the same directory of the current WIT document, 
  2. place there the images,
  3. and change their addresses in the HTML local document with the ../extra relative address.

Note 2 : If you drag and drop a multimedia document, WIT will recognize it and will embed the file in the text of current idea. Otherwise, it will be linked and you will have to click on the link to play the file.

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