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      5. Reference
          5.5. Ideas
              5.5.3. Idea contents editing Display options tab  

This tab (figure 4.19) controls how the idea is shown (the options are applied to this page):

 in the views where ideas are displayed,
 in the generated Web site, when you wish to locally derogate to the rules of structure or style templates.

Fig 4.19 : Display options
Fig 4.19 : Display options
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Due date2011/04/19
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Effective end date2011/04/18
      5. Reference
          5.5. Ideas
              5.5.3. Idea contents editing
         Display options tab
 View display options 

Below options affect only the idea display in the views.

      5. Reference
          5.5. Ideas
              5.5.3. Idea contents editing
         Display options tab
                      View display options
 Title display in main view 

Title display in main view can be modified by changing :

 the color,
 the characters (bold or not).

Keywords :  Presentation (idea) ; Title
      5. Reference
          5.5. Ideas
              5.5.3. Idea contents editing
         Display options tab
                      View display options
 Choice of icon to display in main view and structure elements 

Two icons are used when the idea is shown in the main view :

 the first, when the idea is selected,
 the second, when not selected.

The second icon is also used at Web site generation time in the Java applet if the left side frame is used.

In addition to default structure template icons and if the template allows it, the second icon decorates the following items at web site generation :

An example of this with the table of contents :

Choice of icon to display in main view and structure elements<@macro1/>

Keywords :  Icon (idea)
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Due date2011/01/15
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Effective end date2011/01/15
      5. Reference
          5.5. Ideas
              5.5.3. Idea contents editing
         Display options tab
 Display options in Web site  

These options affect the page rendering at Web site build time.

They are used to control how child ideas of current idea will be generated :

 All child ideas grouped in a single page (like here),
 Hide all links to child ideas in the page,
 Apply or not of title numbering of child ideas (disabled in this example),
 Decide whether or not child ideas should be displayed in the table of contents.

They are also used to locally specialize background and foreground colors of an idea page (and optionally its children).

Corresponding rules in current structure template are ignored :

 background color,
 background image (tile),
 foreground color.

      5. Reference
          5.5. Ideas
              5.5.3. Idea contents editing
         Display options tab
 Display options recursive application 

When the property dialog is validated, chosen display options may apply to :

 selected idea only (by default)
 selected idea and immediate children (level 1),
 selected idea and all its children (all levels).

Keywords :  Presentation (idea)