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      4. Tutorials
          4.1. A quick tour to create a Web site
              4.1.8. Choose structure and style of Web site
         Tune structure options (expert mode) Page structure 

From the dialog box obtained through the icon "Structure template", click on the "Page" tab, and set options as shown in figure 8, and summarized below:

 Options in header are needed for site referencing (HTML meta tags),
 Suppress title on each page, since a frame title is used instead,
 Generate one idea per page,
 Add a separator and a text in the page footer,
 Keep default background options,
 Choose an image as separator (click on the image button and select a ruler image).

Note : _ DATADIR _ directory is the default WIT data area. Validate dialog box : page options are taken in account in the integrated preview area.

Figure 8 : page structure options
Figure 8 : page structure options