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      5. Reference
          5.6. Import / Export
 5.6.10. Export ideas (CSV file)  

This function exports selected ideas (from current search criteria or all ideas) into a CSV file (the default delimiter is "\t" (tab character).

  1. First, the search dialog is displayed. You may:
    • enter a search criterion or not (if you do not wish any filtering),
    • choose the search range: either the whole document or just the current selected idea sub tree.
  2. Then, WIT displays the idea selector with search results, from which you can export to a CSV file.
    • Note : you can  configure the idea selector to display only the idea fields that you wish to export. WIT will only export the displayed fields, in the order they appear, with the current applied sort criteria.


Multiple element fields such as keywords, images, documents, or URLs fields are exported (although their contents is replaced by a number in the search results dialog box). The second delimiter is ","

For images, documents or URLs fields, a third delimiter ("|") allows to distinguish between their names and actual paths.



keyword1, keyword2, keyword3

Images, documents, URLs (without titles):

c:\tmp\img1.png, c:\tmp\img2.png

Images, documents, URLs (with titles):

Title of image 1 | c:\tmp\img1.png, Title of image 2| c:\tmp\img2.png

Keywords :  CSV ; Export ; Idea selector
Start date2007/09/22
Due date2007/09/30
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