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      1. News
 1.7. Version 5.10  


  Data import / export

  Ideas management

  WYSIWYG editing

  Graphical User Interface

  • Idea property dialog is now resizable, with its internal tabs.


  • Searched text is highlighted in the "Preview view" in and in the WYSIWYG editor, with distinct colors per criterion.

Fixed Bugs


  • Links cannot be any more established across paragraphs or tables  (recommendation of W3C).
  • Replacement of accidental \ characters by / in some links.
  • Fix of an infinite loop when Ctrl + Shift + E key was repeatedly pressed while WIT was building indexes.
  • Fix of a problem while copying text + images between ideas.


  • In the keywords manager, keyword counter was not updated after keyword deletion.
  • Fix a compatibility problem with some Japanese characters in the HTML code editor.
  • Images were not properly captured when pasting from Mozilla/Firefox browsers.
  • Including by default the Microsoft DhtmlEd.msi component in WIT package for Microsoft Windows Vista.
  • Deleting useless line breaks in the CSS rules editor.
Start date2007/09/22
Due date2007/09/30
Percent finished100 %
Effective end date2007/09/22