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      2. Foreword
 2.4. How to begin with WIT ?  

WIT use is both simple and intuitive to organize your ideas and publish them quickly.

However, some complexity may appear when you wish to go further, for instance :

  • customize exactly to your will the appearance of generated pages, both in their structure and style,
  • include automatisms (script programming),
  • generate PHP or ASP pages instead of HTML,
  • go further with content richness and idea inter connectivity : indexing, faceted classification, bibliography, etc...
  • automatically import already structured information,
  • etc...

So I advise you to :

  • do the tutorial, where you'll discover WIT essential features,
  • consult the FAQHow to begin ?  and above all : Method to use WIT
  • then, depending on your needs, refer to this user's manual (use the contextual F1 key at any time).

Have a good work with WIT !

Christophe Guibert

WIT organizes and publishes your personal information
WIT organizes and publishes your personal information
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