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      4. Tutorials
 4.3. CSS tutorial : WIT advanced, rounded corners 

Welcome in this WIT advanced tutorial on CSS styles.

You'll learn here how to round all those rectangular boxes.

This is done using the excellent Nifty Corners Cube (JavaScript), written by Alessandro Fulciniti.

This tutorial starts where the previous one (CSS-tutorial.wit) ended, but all the work is already done : you just have to follow the explanations, then you'll be able to do your own designs.

This tutorial is locatedthe left toolbar, "Projects" section, and is named :

  • CSS-tutorial-2.wit

Just open the file with WIT and follow the instructions.

Tutorial 3 : WIT CSS Advanced
Tutorial 3 : WIT CSS Advanced
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Start date2011/01/15
Due date2011/01/15
Percent finished100 %
Effective end date2011/01/15