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      4. Tutorials
 4.4. WIT samples 

Here are some samples offered with WIT to illustrate how you could use the software. You can view them by using the "Samples" section of the left toolbar.

WIT samples
WIT file name Short description
3-column web site Gives the page layout of a typical 3 column web site, using left and right side panels.
Bibliographie-sf Illustrates an home made (and selective) bibliography of science fiction books.
Bibliography An academic bibliography.
cmmi-sample A full featured electronic book. See also
Constitution-UE The French text of the European Union Constitution. 1100 pages with a huge index and a Java menu for hierarchical access to articles. This sample and the CMMI one illustrate WIT capability to import and quick compile information.
Genealogy-sample A simple genealogy using custom fields and faceted index classification.
les Fleurs du Mal - Charles Baudelaire An electronic book : French poet Charles Baudelaire works.
roundboxes A demonstration of rounded boxes, using  page header, footer, left and right panes.
Solaris A fancy web site using background images and animations.
Hints A simple web site showing hints about WIT page objects.
wit-resources A simple album showing all WIT graphical resources : bullets, arrows, backgrounds and rulers. This was done with automatic image import.

They are located in the WIT installation folder : C:\Program Files\Web Idea Tree\Data\Models\PredefinedDocs.

Follow this link for more samples.

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