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      5. Reference
 5.9. Publications 
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WIT manages theme organized documentary databases (publications).

Publication databases are included in the document, and saved with it.

The publication manager helps to view and modify publications, whereas load, save and import functions help to manage lists of publications, in order to exchange them between documents.

The bibliography index is then automatically built while you generate the web site. You may refer to structure and style templates to control how (contents and style) the bibliography index will be generated.

Note about terminology :

  • 'Publication' and 'book' terms are used with the same meaning in WIT software and documentation.
  • If the exact term should be 'publication reference' or 'bibliographic reference', 'publication' or 'book' are used instead by misuse of language.
  • Bibliography is a list of publication references which are grouped for a special purpose. In WIT software, the bibliography is an index of all the publications used in the WIT document.