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      1. News
 1.3. Version 5.50 

  WIT documents management

  •  New documents can be created from templates : either from default ones, either from any already existing document.

  WIT graphical user interface

  • Improvements in the look and feel : styles and behavior
  • Better drag and drop

  Ideas management, compatibility with other tools, especially Freeplane

  • Full compability with Freeplane XML format which can be imported and exported (including attributes, links, images, keywords).
  • Existing ideas in a WIT document can now be updated during the Freeplane XML import if they have the same ID.
  • You may now repeatedly import CSV files to upgrade an existing WIT document, provided an ID field is mapped on the WIT idea ID field.
  • Links between WIT ideas (associations) can now be imported and exported in CSV.

  Idea editing

  • Idea titles are directly editable in the main tree view (Shift + Left mouse click, or press Return et edit, and Return to validate)

  Faceted classification, keywords and indexes

  • Rework of the Keyword Manager and the Keyword Collector with numerous new features and more power for automated but controlled keyword assignment.
  • Current selection can be assigned as keyword without invoking the Keyword Manager (F7 or Ctrl + Alt + K keys).
  • New WIT variable to show the index bar anywhere (<@indexesbar />), like this : .


  • New multi-level drop down Menu in generated pages (SmoothMenu from Dynamic Drive) : <@smoothMenuWidgetLevel1 />, level 2 (personal license), levels 3, 4 and N (professional license).

  Web site generation

  • Depth of tree in the Java applet can be specified.
  • It's now forbidden to generate the web site into the project source file folder to avoid confusion.
Fixed bugs
  • Installed failure with Windows 8.1...
  • and about 50 minor bugs.