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V5 (46)
V5.01 (21)
V5.10 (15)
V5.20 (32)
V5.30 (16)
V5.31 (1)
V5.32 (4)
V5.33 (16)
V5.34 (7)
V5.35 (2)
V5.40 (27)
V5.41 (7)
V5.42 (4)
V5.43 (6)
V5.50 (1)
V5.60 (1)
V5.61 (2)
V5.70 (9)
V5.71 (4)
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      1. News
 1.1. Versions 5.70, 5.71  

Changes of v5.71 shown in brown.


  WIT documents management

  • When creating a new WIT document, a default text can be set for root idea title and page header.

  Ideas editing

  Ideas Import / Export

  Search & Replace

  • The search pattern can be split into a 'search start' and a 'search end' patterns, allowing replacement of entire text or HTML blocks in WIT ideas : useful to remove HTML sections (for instance embedded advertising in imported web pages).

Major bug fixes

  • WIT randomly crashed while quitting the Keyword Management GUI dialogs if a word occurence count was in progress.

Minor bug fixes

  • Fixed a decoding error of HTML fragments (both HTML fragments v0.9 (Firefox) and V1.0 (MS Internet Explorer) are now understood).
  • While pasting HTML code including images URLs, some appended parameters could prevent the image file retrieval and WIT would not display the image.
  • New Italian translations
  • Wording improvements (Keywords management interfaces)
  • Some translations restored after a regression due to code refactoring in some areas of the software (Dutch, Swedish, Italian, Russian, Polish languages).

Performance improvements

  • 20% less time to generate all the web pages (noticeable on > 1000 page sites).
Start date2019/01/12
Percent finished100 %
Effective end date2019/01/12