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      5. Reference
          5.6. Import / Export
 5.6.8. Auto-import each copy made in the clipboard  

When this mode is active, each copy made in the clipboard is detected by WIT and pasted into ideas.

The behavior depends on the current active view :

 WYSIWYG editor : each copy in the clipboard is pasted as new text paragraph into the editor.

 HTML raw code editor : the raw text is pasted into the editor.

 Preview view : each copy in the clipboard creates a new idea in WIT, under the current selected idea. Each new idea contains a link the source of copy (URL). WIT analyzes the first paragraph to propose a default title (iy may change it later) for the new idea.

Switch off this mode when not used any more.

Note : When the WYSIWYG editor or the "Page preview" are enabled, WIT tries to also import images that are included in the selection. It will also try to keep the styles and formattings used in the source (except CSS styles that may be defined outside the selection).

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Keywords :  Clipboard ; Importing ideas
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