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      5. Reference
 5.4. WIT Documents 

Usual functions of document management are grouped into the "File" menu.

A document groups and manages the following elements :

 organization and idea contents,
 structure template,
 style template,
 publication references database.

All this information is stored in a single file (*.wit suffix), except resources (images, HTML or other documents files) to which the WIT document can refer (links). Information related to structure and style templates, and publication databases can also be saved separately, so it can be used in other WIT documents.

Resources to which a document can refer (links to images or HTML files) are :

 Direct resources (defined in idea properties) : they are automatically taken in account by WIT, and copied at web site creation time.
 Indirect resources (specified in structure or style templates, or inherited from external HTML pages using their own images) : they are taken in account provided they have (manually) been copied in a special sub directory (named "extra") of the current directory of the WIT document.