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      1. News
 1.9. Versions 4.20, 4.21 

  Graphical User Interface, and usabiliy

  • A new language is available :
    • Dutch : many thanks to  Henricus Roes (KimSystems)
  • File and folder selection dialog has now the Microsoft Office 2000 style (with recent files, desktop, computer, network...  icons), and keeps the history of latest selected folders..
  • Most of GUI objects use now the Windows XP look and feel.
  • Improvements of left toolbar (icons, sort of projects, colors...).
  • Refresh of main view with F5 key.
  • Tooltips on most of list and combo list items, particularly when the text is too long to be displayed.
  • New dialog of progress of lengthy operations, with details of current steps (web site building, index building, keyword management...).

  Support of XML format for import / export of idea trees.

  WIT freeware version

  Better access to idea structure elements from the "Preview" view.

  • Help tags placed in the current idea preview page : these tags give direct access to idea structure elements, to their parameters, or to functions that control the structure template itself.
  • Mini toolbar enabling simple navigation (previously viewed page, next page, root idea), page printing, selection copy and direct clipboard paste.
  • Direct paste of information in the "Preview" view. This information is automatically placed into the most appropriate structure element of current idea.

  Enhancement of collection of information for idea content

  • Improvement of collection of information for ideas,  by automatically pasting different kinds of objects (formatted texts, files, images, links...) in the most appropriate idea structure elements.

  Faceted idea classification : a new usage for custom fields

  • The 10 idea custom fields allow each idea to be added as an entry in a new index (faceted index). Each custom field acts as a classification facet.
  • A new faceted index is built with the web site (option in the structure template).
  • Direct acces to the names of custom fields from the "Custom fields" tab of idea properties dialog.

  Web site building

  • Conflicts (images or local documents with a same name but located in different folders) are automatically resolved by WIT, with no alteration of names of source resources files.
  • Idem for thumbnails.
  • 10 new WIT variables matching individual custom fields values can be used in idea text. They are substituted by the custom fields values at web site build time.

  Fixed bugs

  • Major :
    • Crash in automatic save when the WIT document was opened using network neighbourhod instead of named logical drive.
    • On some computers, installation program launched two WIT instances, and WIT crashed.
  • Minor :
    • Menus translation incomplete (error in multilingual behavior) 
    • Hardcoded "Save As" message.
    • All options of WIT document management are now saved in the WIT document instead of registry : FTP parameters, target folders for web site build.
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