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      5. Reference
          5.5. Ideas
              5.5.3. Idea contents editing Intelligent information paste into ideas 

Paste result depends on active WIT view, and on the nature of information previously copied into the Windows clipboard; it gives different results :

Active view

Type of information copied in the clipboard

Preview view (1)

"Normal" view (WYSIWYG)

Html view

Simple text Text is appended to the current idea text. Text is inserted at current cursor position. Text is inserted at current cursor position.

Formatted text (from word processor, web browser, etc...)

Text is appended to current idea text, and current formatting is kept (2). Text is inserted at current cursor position, and current format is kept (2). Text is inserted at current cursor position, and formatting is removed.
Text mixing images and characters, copied from a web page. Formatted text and its images are appended to current idea text (3) (3b). Formatted text and images are inserted at current cursor position (3). The text only is inserted at current cursor position, and formatting is removed.
Name(s) of file(s) selected and copied from the Windows file explorer.

Files corresponding to images are added to current idea images list ; those corresponding to URLs are added as URLs list ; others are appended to current idea local documents list (4).

No effect. No effect.
Image fragment (bitmap), copied into the clipboard from a selection made in a third party image or screen capture software or when you press the Ctrl + Print Screen key. The image fragment is appended to the current idea images list (5) No effect. No effect.

When the left view is active (idea tree), the paste operation inserts the last copied idea tree. (This copy does not affect the clipboard, and is made in a file).

Notes :

(1) Do the paste with the mini toolbar icon.

(2) In the limits that HTML language allows.

(3) WIT tries to locate the images that are used in the copied page by resolving their access path : it downloads and copies them in a "wit-imported-images" subfolder, located in the same folder as the *.wit project. Images are finally stored in second level subfolders, named according to the domain where they were found (for instance wit-imported-images\\tucows-5cows.png). See also : Paste text and images.

(3b) JavaScript code is preserved and eventual related JavaScript declarations (functions and variables) are also pasted in the idea "scriptProlog" field.

(4) This operation gives the same results as idea properties editing  (Links tab), or as the drag and drop in this tab. Multimedia documents (sounds, vidéos, animations...) are appended to the end of current idea text.

(5) The name of added image is the current idea identifier (ID), followed by a number. WIT creates an image file from the fragment, names it with the image name, and places it into the current "wit-imported-images" *.wit project subfolder.

Keywords :  Images ; JavaScript ; Paste ; Paste text
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