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      5. Reference
          5.5. Ideas
 5.5.3. Idea contents editing  
Sub menuProperties
KeyboardAlt + Enter

Idea contents definition is made with a tabbed dialog box (Figure 4.11) where you can modify all idea properties.

 Idea tab lists textual attributes of idea (title, description, keywords...),
 Links tab helps to establish references to images, local documents, or external Urls,
 Associations tab helps to link current idea to other ideas or publication references described in the current document,
 Custom fields tab adds attributes which meaning is given when configurating document options,
 Tasks tab looks like the previous one, with predefined and task management oriented fields (dates, progress...).
 Display options tab defines local display criteria, for a better presentation when manipulating ideas.
 Meta tab allows idea local meta data editing,
 and Stats tab (statistics) displays idea state information.

If you prefer full screen text editing, you may also use the "Normal" tab of the main view for WYSIWYG idea text editing.

Note : when editing the different idea properties, a context button ("Style (CSS):") is displayed to give access to the corresponding CSS item of the style template.

Note 2 : when the Expert is disabled, only the Idea, Links and Associations tabs are displayed.

Fig 4.11 : Properties of selected idea.
Fig 4.11 : Properties of selected idea.
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