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      1. News
 1.8. Versions 5.0, 5.01 

WIT versions 5 & 5.0x bring even more power and ease to the organization of your ideas and personal information :

  • by adding new features such as task management,
  • by automating capture of structured information coming from :
    • the Internet (Web pages content),
    • other softwares (XML, CSV)
    • or simply, from your computer (folders),
  • by taking in account the numerous remarks and suggestions made by WIT users (thanks you all !), especially :
    • wished features,
    • graphical user interface usability.

Please also read the note about the evolution of WIT document format.

  Graphical user interface

  • New "look & feel" with fashion Windows themes.
  • The idea property dialog becomes non modal : several dialog boxes can be simultaneously opened, which simplifies the idea management (and enables drag and drop of idea elements).
  • New report grid for the search and selection of ideas and for publications management. This new grid report lets you :
    • choose the information to display,
    • sort and group ideas by their attributes values,
    • directly edit the idea attributes in its grid cells.
    • It also shows whether a search criteria (filter) is active or not.
  • Many new possibilities to drag and drop files, images, documents and ideas between : 
    • the idea tree and the idea property dialogs,
    • the file explorer and the idea tree,
    • the file explorer ant the idea property dialogs,
    • between the property dialogs themselves,
    • between the idea property dialogs and the new idea report and selection grid.

  WIT documents

  • Any WIT document is now fully portable (use of relative path) when its resources are located in the WIT document folder or subfolders.

  Structure and style templates improved

  Idea management

  Idea content editing

  • WIT now properly manages JavaScript fragments when pasting data from Web pages :
  • Keyboard shortcuts are now available in the WYSIWYG editor for most text editing features.
  • Links can be easily cleaned (dedicated function in the WYSIWYG editor)
  • Selective cleaning features (professional license) :
    • Removal of style and class attributes
    • Removal of Microsoft Word specific tags
    • All in one removal of text formatting, style attributes and MS Word specific tags
    • Removal of all HTML tags besides paragraphs and line breaks.
  • Automatic syntax correction and indentation of HTML code.

  Data import

  • Folder import  : WIT creates ideas with files found in a folder, recreates folder trees with ideas, and can recursively create photo albums.
  • CSV import : it's now possible to specify idea identifiers and hierarchy, instead of just doing "flat" imports.
  • XML import  : WIT imports and exports its own idea trees from and to XML.
  • Import of structured documents coming from other softwares : WIT can now import data from TreePadtm.

  Publication management

  • The publication manager now uses the same report grid as idea selector : displayed fields can be selected, ordered, sorted and grouped. You can directly edit the publication attributes in the grid cells.

  Web site generation

  • Removal of <meta name="generator" value="WebIdeaTree"> for the professional license.
  • Removal of generated <!-- Designed and built with WebIdeaTree --> for the professional license.


  • Replacement of <WORKDIR> variable by _WORKDIR _ and <DATADIR> by _DATADIR _
  • Space character is now allowed in page naming.

  Fixed bugs

Major fixes :

  • Focus problem with the left toolbar is solved : no more "blocking" of WIT.
  • Fix of an infinite loop while importing an XML idea tree including internal identifiers already used in the current document.
  • Fix of a WIT crash when dragging / dropping ideas in the main tree view (only with MS Internet Explorer 7 installed).
  • In the evaluation of WIT, the choice of the type of evaluated license was not persistent.
  • When launched for the first time from a new Windows user account, WIT would fail : fixed.
  • WIT did not respond while trying to import images from Outlook Express messages. Fixed.
  • Memory overlap eventually leading to a WIT crash.
  • Correct processing (url encoded) of some paths including special characters.
  • Potential loss of modifications done in the HTML view, when the idea property dialog is used after.
  • After automatic image thumbnails insertion, associated HTML code would be lost when activating the HTML view.
  • WIT works again with Windows 95, 98, 98SE and ME.
  • Better management and portability of images and documents when the *.wit file is moved.

Minor fixes :

  • Idea text editing : you can now cut or copy text containing links to images and local documents, and paste it in another idea without loosing the links. (Note : this works properly only with images and documents that have been included with the WIT version 5).
  • Improvement of WIT ability to import images that are contained in fragments of pages that are copied from the Internet (no more "void" links to "wit-imported-images" folder).
  • Applet Java (used in some web sites) : the data file (tdm.dat) is now named "tdm.txt" to solve some authorization problems with Microsoft IIS HTTP server.
  • The "Preview" folder in your user profile (My Documents) is now cleaned when the last WIT instance terminates.
  • Disambiguation of some keyboards shortcuts in the menus.
  • "Normal" and "HTML" tabs remained disabled while clicking on some internal WIT links.
  • The "Clean HTML" feature has been removed from the main WIT menu (available in the WYSIWYG editor only).
  • The chosen Windows Theme for the graphical user interface is now persistent.
  • Path of inserted images in the WYSIWYG editor was absolute. Now relative.
  • On some computers, the idea text edition field was not properly refreshed when changing it.
  • Some images, embedded in pasted HTML fragments were not properly imported due to '\' and '/' characters in their paths.
  • Inconsistency between the left toolbar presence and the "Display" menu showing or hiding it.
  • No more size limitation in WIT user macros. Was 200 characters (bug), 50 000 now.
  • Thumbnail building happened to be incorrect or partial at document load, whereas complete at website build time. Fixed.
  • The main "Table" icon in the Table menu (WYSIWYG editor) is effective again.
  • More accurate internal criteria to display or not the faceted index (was sometimes displayed whereas there were no values to show).
  • When editing an URL, the initially chosen protocol was not shown : fixed.
  • When inserting an URL to a local file, the "file://" protocol is now added before : necessary for Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • All line breaks are now coded as CRLF in generated files. 
  • Fix of a problem on some ignored images when clipboard is auto-pasted.
  • Fix of a problem on some ignored images after being resized in the WYSIWYG editor.
  • Improvement of preview view computation performance (optimisation of 'extra' subfolder copy).
  • Void lines removed in the CSS editor.
Start date2006/11/01
Due date2006/11/02
Percent finished100 %
Effective end date2006/11/01