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      6. CSS 1
 6.1. Style classes 

In WIT, styles are applied with the help of style classes ; the classes are attached to the HTML DIV tags (blocks of text) and HTML SPAN tags (sets of characters on a single paragraph).

These classes are predefined and named by WIT in relation with elements of the site structure template.

A set of rules is associated to each class. A rule is a couple (property:value;). The rules apply to current style class, but can be inherited if HTML blocks (DIV or SPAN) are embedded.

In the WIT style template options dialog, the order and indentation of elements reflects their hierarchy. The most general rules will be specified in the upper level classes, more specialized properties in derived classes.

The top class is named BODY : its properties are known in all other classes, except if these classes locally specify most specific properties ("overwriting" inherited properties).

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