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 How to insert these widgets?

      5. Reference
          5.10. Structure templates
              5.10.4. Other structural elements : Widgets Custom fields Table of Contents widgets  

When you insert one of the WIT variables <@cfWidgetTocX/> (where X goes from 1 to 32), WIT replaces it at build time by a block containing :

  • the custom field X name
  • the list of all values that are used by ideas for this field, and the number of ideas using each value.

If the custom field is eligible for faceted index classification, the values are also links that point to the faceted index.

You can see an example of this widget in the present document (left side), where the widget for the custom field "Menu" (#1) and the widget for the custom field "Feature" (#5) were used.

Thus, inserting <@ cfWidgetToc1/> variable places the following block :

"Main" tree view (1)
"Normal" view (15)
Display (4)
Edit (9)
File (52)
Help (7)
Ideas (57)
Import/Export (16)
Keywords (6)
Publications (19)
Tasks (1)
Templates (72)
Windows (1)

Inserting <@ cfWidgetToc5/> variable places the following block :

The widgets are updated whenever you build the web site (Ctrl + E), force the index calculation (Ctrl + Shift + E) or load the document.

The presentation styles of these widgets are controlled by the style template.

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Effective end date2007/10/07