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      1. News
 1.6. Version 5.20 


WIT version 5.20 introduces a new format for *.wit documents (it's an extension of the previous format) and takes in charge the conversion.

  New Structural elements : widgets mimicking blog behavior, automatically built and updated by WIT

Version 5.20

  Ideas management

  Publications management

  Style templates

  Graphical User Interface

  • Miscellaneous improvements in design and ergonomics (additional keyboard shortcuts, new behaviors).
  • New button in the Projects toolbar to change the WIT Project Dir and update the list of projects.


  • Search and replace criterion and options are kept in memory for further use.
  • Idea search can now be performed either in the whole document or in the local current sub tree.
  • Search /replace scope is now either current idea, current tree or whole document.
  • Dates are displayed according to ISO 8601 yyyy-mm-dd, both readable and able to be sorted.
  • At web site build time, the wit-icons and docs have now subfolders that are structured according to the original places of image and document files.

Fixed Bugs


  • Fixed an error when copying resources (images, documents) from a network path (beginning by \\).


  • Re-establishing full compatibility with Microsoft Windows 98.
  • WIT <@ /> variable was not interpreted as a   bullet, in page headers and footers.
  • While building bibliography with 2 grouping criteria, items were not always properly regrouped.
  • While building bibliography with grouping criteria, grouping criteria must also be repeated in the bibliographic notice.
  • Fix of a loss of just build thumbnails when switching to HTML view, then on Normal view.
  • The "paste" button in the mini toolbar of the "preview" view works again.
  • The Wysiwyg editor keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + Alt + F and B apply the current foreground and background colors instead of displaying the color choice dialog box.
Start date2008/03/31
Percent finished100 %
Effective end date2008/03/31