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 5.10. Structure templates 
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The web site is generated from the current document, according to a structure template.

This template is chosen in a few mouse clicks, among predefined templates.

In expert mode, this template can be entirely defined with graphically modifiable properties.

The template is made of imbricated structures which control the order and the display of information related to :

 the site itself (home pages, frames organization...),
 the pages (headers, text bodies, footers...),
 the content of each idea (choice and order of elements to be displayed),
 the navigation bar to move in the site,
 the publications,
 the tables of contents,
 and the indexes.

Whenever you click on an element of the template, WIT displays a contextual button on the bottom of the dialog box : this button helps you to edit to corresponding CSS style element from the style template, if needed.