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 2. Foreword 

WIT is a powerful Web site creation tool, WIT organizes your ideas and publishes them in a few mouse clicks.

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Web site creation is easy and methodical : no HTML skills required, but expert users can keep full control over their pages.

WIT makes you efficient, and you stay focused on what you mean : organize your ideas in a tree, add some text, images or links to documents, a style and structure template, and instantly build the whole site.

WIT manages all technical details for you, and ensures consistency of all links, even when you move your information. You don't have to maintain the generated code : just modify your ideas, then rebuild the Web site.

You save time : build hundreds of pages in seconds.

You also may insert dynamic behaviors (JavaScript, PHP, ASP...), and create new styles (CSS style sheets and code generation rules).

WIT produces stand alone Web sites : browse them locally, as electronic books, or upload them with FTP on Intranet or Internet servers.

WIT has a tutorial and a full contextual on-line help, all built by the software.

Registered users have free upgrades and a technical support from the author (by e-mail).

  Enterprise documentation systems
  Business repositories
  Intranet sites
  Knowledge management
  Marketing or technical presentations
  Hypertext helps
  Data compilations for R&D.

  Electronic books
  Glossaries and bibliographies
  Personal notes management
  Personal Web sites
  Photo albums
  Collections, inventories
  Genealogic trees

This user manual, has been fully created, organized and generated with WIT, just as the contextual help of this software.

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