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      1. News
 1.11. Version 4.0 

 Graphical User Interface and ergonomics

  • More dockable toolbars, remembering their positions in the main Window.
  • New dedicated toolbar for the tree view window.
  • New toolbar and new quick menus in the WYSIWYG editor
  • New design of fashion icons
  • New Windows XP-like menus
  • A new language is available :
    • Swedish (base and Unicode versions) : many thanks to Mats Arvendal.

 File management

  • WIT documents are locked while editing to prevent multiple and concurrent access.

 Idea management

 Image management

  • Images are now managed in the same way, whatever directly inserted in idea text or in general properties.
  • Images can be dragged and dropped into idea text or idea properties dialog box.
  • Selection of multiple images when inserting them in idea text or properties.

 Document management : links to local document files, links to URLs 

  • Documents links are now managed in the same way, whatever directly inserted in idea text or in general idea properties.
  • Documents files can be dragged and dropped into idea text or idea properties dialog box.
  • Multimedia documents can be dragged and dropped (and embedded when recognized) into idea text (WYSIWYG editor and idea properties dialog box).
  • Multiple selection of documents when inserting them in idea text or properties.
  • Multiple *.url files can be dragged and dropped into idea text or properties.
  • Current selection is kept as title when inserting a single link in the WYSIWYG editor. When inserting multiple links, selection is replaced by link names.
  • New URL selector dialog, with predefined internet protocols.

 Bibliography management

  • WIT now generates a real bibliography index with a three level sort, and keyword management for publications.
    • First level sort generates a primary header when second level sort is enabled.
    • Second level sort generates a secondary header when third level sort is enabled.
  • Publication fields have been regrouped and renumbered for better use and identification (with no side effect on already existing WIT documents).
  • The publication manager now displays all bibliographic fields and can use any field to sort publications : this is useful for error detection.
  • Improvements in the publication editor (accessed through the publication manager) :
    • WYSIWYG editor for multiline fields
    • Image and URL chooser
    • Comments on current field are displayed when clicking on the field header.
  • When importing CSV files, multiple values can be concatenated in a single publication field.

 Style templates management

  • User defined styles are shown in color
  • Added a new CSS style 'table' to overcome a bug in MSIE with font sizes.
  • When inserting a CSS style in idea text through the WYSIWYG editor, last inserted style is kept in memory and shown in the menu.
  • WIT automatically updates your style templates with new elements when new WIT versions introduce new CSS elements.

 Web site building

  • New option : images and documents can be left to their original positions (not copied, but linked), so web site co-workers can modify them without rebuilding the whole site (useful in collaborative groups).
  • WIT saves last target folders for every document.

 Minor changes

 Bug fixes

Major bugs fixes :

  • Index. Words beginning by ä, ü, ö, etc... are now accepted. Generalized to all language scripts.
  • Fixed a random crash in index building.
  • Fixed an infinite loop while exporting ideas with non unique IDs.
  • After a change made in HTML tab on idea text, switching on preview tab and then on the normal (WYSIWYG) tab caused the loss of changes. Fixed.

Minor bugs fixes :

  • Idea tree export did not work while the WYSIWYG editor was active.
  • Infinite refresh loop in the preview if the page contained <iframe> tags.
  • "an unnamed file contains an invalid path" : solved.
  • Remaining hard coded text labels are now translatable (many thanks to Mats !).
  • No need to add an additional space when inserting a single link on current selection.
  • When last document reload option was active, a double click on a WIT document opened both files.
  • Default width and height of Java applet are now 100%.
  • When running multiple WIT instances, the preview directory was cleaned while quitting the first instance.
  • Cancelling an operation in the WIT Options dialog does not display any message.
  • Broken links in the "Tip of the day" dialog fixed.
  • Added missing # in color specifications of foreground and background of top and left frames at build time.
  • Preview failed with Mozilla failed when pathnames included spaces.