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      1. News
 1.5. Versions 5.30, 5.31, 5.32, 5.33, 5.34, 5.35  

New features of 5.35 release are shown in red.

New features of 5.34 release are shown in orange.

New features of 5.33 release are shown in green.

WIT version 5.30 opens to mind mapping tools and concepts, with new features :

  • graphical display of FreeMind software mind maps,
  • analysis and import into idea trees of FreeMind or Mind Manager mind maps.
  • creation of FreeMind mind maps from idea trees (titles, texts, attributes and colors),
  • automatic build and update of your web site map or graphical table of contents, with generated mind maps.


  WIT 5.33 is qualified for Windows 7.

  FreeWIT (the WIT freeware version) is back!


  • In the "Preview" window, each idea structural element shows one to three help tags which allow to edit its options, its CSS style, or its contents.
  • Full update of tutorial to better reflect current WIT features and power.

  WIT documents management

  • When saving a document in another location (save as), WIT proposes to also copy related images and documents in the new location.
  • Report on Resources now shows errors due to missing images or files (broken links).

  Faceted classification of ideas

  • New documents are initialised with ten useful custom fields which can be used for faceted classification.
  • Custom fields and their contents can be copied or moved for all the ideas in the WIT document.

  Ideas management

  Ideas Import / Export

  WYSIWYG editing

  • When a link to another idea is made from a currently selected image, the name of linked idea is used in the image TITLE attribute.
  • When editing page header, footer, left and right side areas, the limits of these areas are materialized in the editor.

  Publications management

  Structure and style templates

  • The s size of Java applet menu fonts (left frame) can be modified.
  • The title levels and their specific styles has been extended to 10 + a specific new style for levels above 10.
  • Possibly missing semicolons (;) in CSS rules are added by WIT while editing CSS styles.
  • Improvements in the proposed structure and style templates.

  Web site generation


  • task reminder can be displayed for the tasks that are included in a document when this document is loaded.
  • Separated choices for linked images and linked documents when these resources are copied at web site built time.
  • The character set encoding can now be defined in each document (instead of all WIT documents). 

Fixed bugs

  • Double click in images or documents lists in idea properties dialog would open modification dialog even if there were no images or documents
  • When two different facets had values in common, links in the faceted index would point to the first occurrence only.
  • Image <img> TITLE attribute is now used whenever possible.
  • Fixed a refresh bug when loading a new structure or style templates.
  • In the "Window "menu, vertical and horizontal tiles were inverted.
  • While pasting HTML fragments with embedded images, some images would not be shown after page previewing..
  • Random WIT crash while selecting ideas, due to the license protection software... : fixed.
  • Custom fields of ideas above #11 would be disabled while opening the WIT document: fixed.
  • Text indent increase and decrease labels were inverted in the WYSIWYG editor: fixed.
  • The selected idea would not stay current after a global search/replace: fixed.
  • Global search/replace of text has been improved to properly handle HTML tags.
  • Fix of wrong alphanumerical sorting of custom fields (facets) in ideas.
  • WIT would block while building a web site if a linked document, located on a network folder, was used by another user.
  • Global boolean WIT options (true/false) were no more memorized.
  • When saving a document into a new folder and when copying the linked resources, the "extra" subfolder was omitted.
  • WIT would crash while importing a Freemind mind map (XML) into a void document without root idea.
  • When printing a page, if the right panel was used in the structure template, hiding it from the print dialog was not taken in account.
  • '&' character is now usable in keywords.
  • WIT can now be installed even if the "My Documents" folder has been moved or removed.
  • Fix of a silent crash at WIT start (rare and random).
  • Fix of a WIT crash while validating the properties dialog box of an idea which was removed after the dialog box display.
  • "Natural" sort of alphanumeric strings in indexes.
  • Fix of the writing of some temporary files in the WIT installation folder instead of the user profile.
Start date2010/07/02
Due date2010/07/02
Percent finished100 %
Effective end date2010/07/02