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      5. Reference
          5.5. Ideas
 5.5.6. Search & Replace  
Sub menuReplace...
KeyboardCtrl + H

This functions searches and replaces a character string by another one, from the current selected idea.

The search / replace operation work on all idea modifiable fields, or limited to selected ones.

It can also be used on :

  • the entire idea tree
  • the selected idea sub tree
  • the select idea only

The search can be made case sensitive or not.

New in version 5.71 :

The search pattern can specify a search_start pattern and a search_end pattern, separated by \@@\ delimitor, and WIT will replace all the text between the patterns, including the patterns, stopping just after the first occurrence of the search_end pattern.

Example : While importing HTML pages from a web site, you may also import embedded and unwanted sections sucj as advertising. Suppose there are recurrent blocks of advertising, starting by :

<div class="sponsored-IDxxx">

with xxx varying, and ending by :


Just type :

<div class="sponsored\@@\</div>

as search pattern, and WIT will remove all unwanted blocks.

Use with caution.

Search / replace
Search / replace
Keywords :  Replace ; Search ideas
Start date2019/01/12
Due date2019/01/12
Percent finished100 %
Effective end date2019/01/12