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      5. Reference
          5.5. Ideas
              5.5.3. Idea contents editing Tasks tab 

This tab gives access to task oriented information for the current idea.

The names and semantics of such task fields are predefined :

  • Start date
  • Due date
  • Completion percentage (from 0 to 100 %)
  • Estimated time 
  • Spent time
  • Effective end date 
  • Status
  • Category
  • Created by 
  • Risk / priority
  • Assigned to

The 5 last fields are texts, with free content.

To enter a value, and according to the field kind,

  • select a date in the calendar (in the menu attached to the field),
  • move the progress slider,
  • or type some free text in the editable fields or select an already used value in the menu attached to the field.

Utility of task fields

  The task fields enrich your ideas and add a time dimension which can be used as search / filtering criterion in the "Tasks" menu. You can so build a TODO list, with planned tasks, and control their progress.

  The task fields may be used to perform a faceted classification : each field may represent a criterion (a facet) which values take part in a specific index (the faceted index). This is the case for this document in which the "Category" field is used to display all additions in WIT version 5.

  Each task field can give value to WIT variables, that can be reused anywhere in the idea (or anywhere in the code of the web page if it contains scripts).

Distinctive behavior

  An idea becomes a task only when a due date or a non null completion percentage is specified.

  Start date is automatically initialized to the current date (if it was not already initialized), as soon as the completion percentage is greater than 0.

  Tasks for which completion is 100 % are considered finished.

  When setting a task completion to 100%, the effective end date is set to the current date.

  Dates (start, due date, end) are shown in days, months and years (no time), according to your Microsoft Windows locale.

  When the dates are used in the faceted index, they are shown as text strings "Year-Month-Day", so they can be properly sorted.

Notes (professional licence):

  • Text task fields (status, category, created by, risk/priority, assigned to) can accept multiple values (separated by ;) when configured to do so, like here with the "Category" field : see the image and page bottom.
  • These values are also links to separate entries in the faceted index if faceted classification was also enabled for the textual task field.
  • Synthetic widgets can be displayed to show summaries of field values and usage by ideas as well as links to faceted index (like in this page left pane).
  • Synthetic task progress status widget can also be displayed to show summaries progress criteria that are met by ideas as links to faceted index.
  • When task fields values are dates, they are grouped by months in the faceted index instead of days.

See the document options to enable/disable the task fields and make them eligible for faceted classification.

See the Structure template ('Navigation' tab) to enable/disable the generation of the whole faceted index.

See the Structure template ('Idea' tab) to control how the task fields are generated in the web pages.


Tasks tab
Tasks tab
Start date2011/01/15
Due date2011/01/15
Percent finished100 %
Effective end date2011/01/15