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      5. Reference
          5.5. Ideas
              5.5.3. Idea contents editing Associations tab  
Sub menuProperties

This tab helps to associate other ideas, and bibliographic references (publications) to the current idea (figure 4.16).

You can drag & drop these associations (with other ideas or publications) in other ideas.

These associations are shown as a list of links at page rendering time : links to other ideas, links to publications.

New in version 5.70 :

  • associations can be named ("stereotyped") at your convenience: double click on the "Stereotype" area of the association line, and type a name.
  • at page rendering time, associations names will be used as prefixes in association links area and in the automacially built indexes. See it in action on Version 5.70 presentation page.
  • when exporting a WIT document or idea branch to Freeplane, the associations links names will be rendered as Freeplane link names.
Fig 4.16 : Associations to ideas and books.
Fig 4.16 : Associations to ideas and books.
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