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      5. Reference
          5.4. WIT Documents
 5.4.6. Print ideas  
Sub menuPrint
KeyboardCtrl + P
FeatureProfessional ed. only

This function performs pretty idea printing, with the web browser help:

  • current idea,
  • current idea tree (professional license),
  • or the complete idea tree (professional license),

as an electronic book with controlled page settings (professional license) :

  • You may enable/disable the display of:
    • page header,
    • page footer,
    • page left pane,
    • page right pane.
  • This choice is predefined and can't be modified with the personal license.

Once the selection and page settings parameters are set, WIT builds an HTML page that contains all involved ideas, starts the web browser and proposes to print the page.

You may ask the web browser for a print preview before printing.

As soon as the printing is done, you may close the web browser window.

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Due date2007/09/30
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Effective end date2007/09/23