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      5. Reference
          5.5. Ideas
              5.5.1. Idea creation Create a child idea  

This function creates a child idea, from current selection.

If the "Quick titles" option is enabled (default behavior), a simple dialog is displayed to let you define the title of the new idea.

Otherwise, the idea properties dialog box is shown after creation (figure 4.7), and the title field is filled with a default value calculated from idea id.


Professional ed. only version only :

If expert mode is enabled, and if "Choose title of generated pages" option is enabled, a dialog box asks for file name (figure 4.6) : this name will then be displayed in the "Id" column in the main view.

Otherwise, once you have defined the title, WIT sets the idea ID by reusing your title. This internal ID will used to name the generated page files.

(If your title contains too specific characters, WIT replaces them by '-' or uses an automatic internal ID. WIT takes care of uniqueness of internal IDs so you don't have to worry about this).

Fig 4.6 : Choice of a file name for currently created idea.
Fig 4.6 : Choice of a file name for currently created idea.
Fig 4.7 : Idea properties
Fig 4.7 : Idea properties
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