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      7. FAQ
          7.6. Default WIT resources
 7.6.4. FAQ : Modifying default HTML pages 

WIT has default HTML pages for home page and frame top pages. To modify these pages, just modify their files with an HTML editor, in the "_DATADIR _\Templates" directory.

There are two file sets : one for English (ending by -en), one for French (ending by -fr).

 HomePage-en.html is the default home page. It must contain at least a link to the text/index.html page to address the rest of the site.
 titlePage-en.html is the title page, displayed in the top frame when defined.
 accessPage-en.html is the left frame page (if defined) : it is typically used to give shortcuts to main site items (table of contents, or any other choice). (By default, WIT automatically generates a page using a Java applet).